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Fleetsmith provides device management solutions for organizations invested in the Apple ecosystem. In July 2018, the company announced a new free solution called Fleetsmith Intelligence that gives system administrators information on the health, compliance, and security status of Apple devices (only macOS at present, with support for iOS and tvOS management launching August 15) deployed in their managed environments. Intelligence complements Fleetsmith Managed, the company's flagship solution.

Fleetsmith Intelligence is free and gives businesses improved visibility into an Apple device fleet

Fleetsmith Intelligence is an interesting solution, notably because it's completely free and can deliver useful insights for organizations looking to gain better visibility into a fleet of deployed Apple devices. The solution also includes functionality that enables auto-enrollment of devices via Apple Business Manager, formerly known as Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Apple Business Manager streamlines the process of configuring Mac devices for corporate use by automatically sending a configured profile to a device when an employee uses it for the first time. Other notable functionality offered by the new Fleetsmith Intelligence solution includes visibility into devices that are running old OS versions and the ability to see which employees devices are assigned to, battery health and storage status, and the compliance status of devices against company requirements such as password, encryption, and firewall policies. The solution offers a good set of foundation features that can help organizations gain greater visibility into an Apple device fleet, supporting improved security practices as a result. Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite are required for businesses to sign up for Fleetsmith Intelligence. The solution being completely free breaks down a big barrier to adoption and could help strengthen the Fleetsmith brand through greater exposure of the vendor's capabilities to a wider business audience. For organizations that want a more advanced level of device management and security, subscribing to Fleetsmith Managed – the company's flagship Apple management solution – is a one-click upgrade.


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Adam Holtby, Senior Analyst, Workspace Services

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