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Finland is not quite a top 20 market, but despite its modest global stature, the country is a market leader with regards to progress in the digital transition from ownership to access.


  • Subscription services already account for around three-quarters of recorded-music trade earnings in the country, and this share is expected to edge upward as the previous reliance on physical formats continues to fade and sales of downloads disappear.

Features and Benefits

  • Details all sectors of Finland's music industry: recorded music trade sales, the retail sector, royalty collections, and the live industry.
  • Examines recorded-music sales and projects forward five years based on pessimistic and optimistic outlooks.

Key questions answered

  • What share of recorded-music trade sales were generated by paid subscribers in 2018?
  • What share of royalty collections made by TEOSTO come from digital sources?

Table of contents

Music retail

  • Access now the dominant retail stream

Rights administration and royalty collections

  • Royalty collections


  • Lower festival attendance and ticket sales


  • Methodology
  • Author