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This report is intended to help consumer service providers, media companies, internet platforms, and their technology partners understand and respond to the announcements Facebook made during its annual developer event, F8, held on May 1–2.


  • AI informed pretty much all the major announcements at F8 in the form of new products (Oculus), enhancements (natural language processing in Messenger), proof-of-concept services (VR Memories), AI milestones (such as improved image recognition accuracy), and the role of AI in protecting users from potentially harmful content.

Features and Benefits

  • This report will help clients to assess which of the new products, services, or features announced at F8 represent opportunities for their businesses.
  • Clients will be able to compare Facebook's new Oculus Go headset with rival products.
  • Clients will also be able to evaluate the extent to which Facebook is integrating AI across its product portfolio.

Key questions answered

  • What will be the potential pitfalls for Facebook in launching a dating service?
  • Does the new Clear History tool go far enough to reassure Facebook users that the company is serious about data privacy?
  • What challenges does Facebook need to overcome to compete in the smart speaker market?
  • How successful has Facebook Messenger been in enabling communications between enterprises and Facebook users?
  • What's next for Facebook's other messaging apps, WhatsApp and Instagram?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages
  • Recommendations

Virtual reality

  • Oculus Go fills a niche – but how large is unclear

Facebook Watch and video advertising

  • More reversion than revolution as Facebook seeks to monetize social video

Smart home

  • Facebook remains silent on its smart speaker


  • Facebook's dating play aims to increase time spent on the platform

Messaging apps

  • Facebook focuses on boosting engagement and enabling monetization

Data privacy

  • Facebook's Clear History tool is a step in the right direction, but not a radical one

Artificial intelligence

  • Facebook shows off impressive AI credentials – that must be handled with care


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