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At its recent Global Analyst Forum in the US, Nokia emphasized its end-to-end networking capabilities and outlined strategies for open RAN and expanding its enterprise business.


  • Nokia sees openness, which it defines as open communities, open interfaces, and open ecosystems, as an opportunity, not a threat.
  • Nokia believes its ability to offer end-to-end network solutions on a global basis is a key strength and differentiator in the market for 5G.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain valuable insight into the market strategy of one of the leading network equipment vendors.
  • Understand how Nokia views the opportunities and its future role in the markets for LTE and 5G.

Key questions answered

  • What does Nokia believe are its greatest strengths in 5G?
  • How is Nokia organizing its networks business in order to address new market opportunities?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • Openness is an opportunity, not a threat
  • End-to-end makes for a stronger offering
  • Time to move forward on the enterprise opportunity


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