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Entrust Datacard, a provider of identity technologies including authentication, IoT security, PKI, and SSL has acquired the SMS passcode multifactor authentication (MFA) business from CensorNet. It is also investing in CensorNet to develop the company's Unified Security Service (USS) service as a source of data for its trusted identity assurance platform.

CensorNet’s behavior data can inform Entrust Datacard’s ID assurance

UK-based CensorNet had in February 2016 acquired SMS Passcode, a Danish MFA developer, and has since integrated its technology into its cloud-based USS platform. This combines email and web security with cloud application security broker technology to simplify security for customers by obviating the need for them to manage different silos of functionality. For Entrust Datacard, SMS Passcode extends its MFA business geographically, boosting its presence in several European markets.

More significant, however, is the tie-up with CensorNet. Entrust Datacard is developing what it calls a trusted identity assurance platform, addressing requirements from the establishment of trust (via device reputation and credentials), through trust when an online transaction happens (through trusted access, transaction verification, and transaction signing), to the maintenance of trust via user behavior analysis, session monitoring, and fraud detection.

The third dimension is something new in identity services. Traditional identity and access management platforms have established trust at login, and when the user seeks to access a given asset within a company’s infrastructure, these will check whether he or she has the required entitlements to do so. Entrust Datacard’s vision is that online commercial interactions such as e-banking and e-commerce require continuous authentication, with ongoing verification of a user’s identity to avoid exploits such as session hijack.

It is in this area that the CensorNet technology can provide useful behavioral data, such as when an individual’s activities on the web are usually performed and from what geography, for use in user analysis and fraud detection.


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Rik Turner, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

[email protected]