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With the advent of mobile data technology (starting with 3G and now 4G, with plans for 5G underway) and the technological advancements of smartphones, telcos find their networks and operations are generating more data at faster rates than ever before. The discussions around big data already emphasize the need for telcos to build new data infrastructures to store the vast amounts of data being generated.

But, telcos also must find ways to stay ahead of the competition by delivering superior experiences to customers and operating efficiently by tapping into the ability to make decisions on customer data in real time.

In this webinar, Adaora Okeleke, Senior Analyst, Telecoms Operations and IT of Ovum and Dheeraj Remella, Director of Solutions Architecture at VoltDB looked at:

  • The current market conditions dictating the pressing need for real-time decisions
  • The benefits of real time analytics and decisioning
  • Designing a next generation EPC infrastructure
  • Two real-world case studies highlighting: Predictably scalable OSS/BSS with a real-time decisioning database; Migration of MME/SGSN to a virtualized environment (NFV)

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