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Based on Ovum’s attendance at the Enterprise Connect 2019 conference held recently in Orlando, Florida, Ovum identified several evolving themes regarding the contact center and customer engagement marketplace.


  • Ovum believes that each of the identified themes will have a significant effect on the customer engagement industry, although the magnitude of their effects, the timing, and the specific market segments affected will vary.

Features and Benefits

  • The report enables enterprises and vendors to assess, evaluate, and prepare for the coming changes in contact center operations.
  • Recommendations enable readers to analyze their current customer engagement situation and evaluate necessary changes to meet the changing marketplace.

Key questions answered

  • When and how will artificial intelligence affect the voice channel and affected agent counts?
  • Will the unified communication and contact center markets come together for SMBs and enterprises?
  • How and when will cloud marketing platforms enhance contact center operations and what will be the benefits?

Table of contents


  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for vendors

Artificial intelligence is driving augmented service

  • Better agent experience to be initial focus of AI support
  • Meeting customer expectations will soon be a possibility

Marketing platforms will enhance personalization

  • Customer engagement offerings do not meet today's needs
  • Marketing platforms can supplement CRM input in real time

The unified communications/contact center merger

  • There are significant benefits to merging UC and CC
  • Vendors are already making moves to merge their offerings

Interesting new companies and things to watch

  • Newer UC and CC market entrants and offerings
  • Speech analysis beyond sentiment and emotion detection


  • Methodology
  • Author