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Beyond the hype surrounding new games at the E3 event, the big focus was on the future of consoles and gaming as a whole. The resurgence of cloud gaming threatens the incumbent game console makers, which are having to adapt quickly to remain competitive.


  • Game consoles currently enjoy strong support from publishers and are the flag bearers for "triple-A" gaming. Their relevance will, however, start diminishing from the mid-2020s, when cloud gaming becomes more widely adopted. Console makers are starting to acknowledge this looming threat.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates the current state of the game console market, how it is positioned in the broader gaming market, and where it is heading.
  • Assesses the steps that game console makers are taking to protect themselves against the likes of Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Key questions answered

  • What growth is being seen by the game console makers, and how will this be affected by cloud gaming over the next decade?
  • What future opportunities does cloud gaming provide to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Game consoles are here to stay… for now
  • Cloud gaming is a blessing in disguise for console makers
  • Console makers are joining forces against the disruptors


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