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Broadband networks are the foundation of digital economies and a key driver of the economic and social development of Latin America. Although progress has been made, Latin America is lagging behind.


  • More than half of Latin Americans do not have broadband access, and current broadband networks need urgent upgrade investments to prepare for the exponential increase in traffic demands that can be only addressed by fiber and 5G.

Features and Benefits

  • Guides policy-makers on how to encourage investments to expand communications networks in order to boost economic and social development in Latin America.
  • Identifies critical steps on the spectrum roadmap.

Key questions answered

  • What are the key public policy recommendations to encourage investments?
  • What are the key spectrum bands to be considered?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Key messages

Current situation and gaps

  • Lost decades: Latin America left behind in economic progress
  • Growth is productivity; productivity is transformation
  • The Latin American institutional and government failure to respond to citizens' increasing demands
  • Although progress has been made, broadband in Latin America is still behind
  • Latin America connectivity challenges
  • Spectrum a key starting point
  • Public policy-makers must take action to close the digital divide gaps

Annex 1

  • Public policies

Annex 2

  • Case studies


  • Methodology
  • Sources and further reading
  • Authors