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Leading research and consulting firm, Ovum has released new Regional Pay-TV & FTA Forecasts 2005-2022 which reveal that the number of TV households in the MEA and APAC regions surpassed one billion in 2017, up from 800 million in 2005. Another 100 million are expected to be added over the next five years. 

Crucially, digitization of the regions’ TV networks has been rapid, paving the way for the adoption of more sophisticated TV services: In 2005, only 11% of TV households were accessing digital television; this figure had reached 74% by the end of 2017. The number of digital homes is forecast to surpass one billion in 2022. Notwithstanding the rise of online video, the new and more compelling services traditional digital TV can facilitate means that pay-TV revenues broke the $50bn barrier in 2017, up from $20bn a decade earlier, with an additional $10bn forecast to be generated in the year 2022. Compared to 2007, pay-TV subscriptions will have doubled in 2022. By then, monthly ARPUs are expected to reach $7.83, up from $7.35 last year.

 MEA and APAC historical forecasted growth

Ismail Patel, Research Analyst in Ovum’s Media & Entertainment team states “Combined, MEA and APAC represent over 75% of the global population and over two thirds of total household units. The opportunity in the developing markets of the MEA and APAC regions is tangible, looking at how rapidly they have evolved over the past decade and the upward trend they are forecast to head in. Whereas the competitive landscape differs between the huge markets and sub-regions contained therein, there is a recurring theme within the residents across these parts of the world: being connected to screens, a demand of quality of connection, and the appetite for content. This mix provides the ideal scenario for an ecosystem of vendors, content producers and operators to thrive” 

Note: Ovum has been at the forefront of helping industry insiders identify the next opportunities in traditional and online video. Our latest pay-TV and FTA forecasts merge the MENA and Sub-Sahara Africa into a converged MEA dataset. The MEA and APAC datasets incorporate 28 regional and sub-regional segmentations by language, geography and a variety of unions, thus providing new data points and the most granular overview of specific segments. The latest round of forecasts sees the total of markets analysed for MEA and APAC totalling 35. Data for other markets in these two regions is incorporated as part of regional and sub-regional total, thus providing the most accurate regional data. With over 350 pay-TV operators by country, Ovum has meticulously delivered the most comprehensive TV datasets for Africa, Asia and Oceania, complementing its industry-leading databases for Europe and the Americas. 

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