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Presentations and conversations at this year's DTW in Nice emphasized the importance of AI and big data analytics to CSPs. Data-driven operations will need to play a crucial role if CSPs are to successfully transform their operations.


  • CSP networks get the much-needed attention they deserve.
  • AI is essential for next generation OSS platforms

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies how CSPs are leveraging AI to upgrade the functionality of their OSS systems.
  • Provides insights on how vendors in the CSP space are also taking advantage of AI algorithms to improve their products.

Key questions answered

  • What role do CSPs see AI playing within their network environments?
  • Why big data is critical to CSPs' adoption of AI and analytics?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • AI is essential for next generation OSS platforms
  • Vendors move from PoCs to actual products that embed AI capabilities
  • AI and analytics will not be complete without big data


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