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The advances in enterprise IT have crossed over into engineering manufacturing, so that agile and DevOps practices are now commonly found there. The question addressed here is how compatible these practices are with the requirements of safety critical engineering.


  • DevOps has features that enhance quality in safety-critical product development.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn how ALM offers a mature approach to software engineering.
  • Discover what cloud-native trends have to offer safety critical systems.

Key questions answered

  • How is continuous delivery applied in engineered products?
  • What are the challenges in applying agile and DevOps in safety-critical systems?

Table of contents


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  • Key messages


  • Recommendations for enterprises

DevOps has features that enhance quality in safety-critical product development

  • The challenges of DevOps in safety-critical product development
  • DevOps correlates with high performance
  • Managing risk at speed in safety-critical system development

Software development for safety-critical advanced engineering

  • Integrating ALM and DevOps

Cloud-native computing trends have much to offer safety-critical systems

  • Microservices architecture is a natural fit with agile and DevOps


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