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Using Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework, this report maps the evolution of Deutsche Telekom's pay-TV and video entertainment business.


  • Deutsche Telekom's domestic TV business has been built from scratch, primarily based on the rollout of IPTV services over its national broadband footprint.
  • DT historically focused on aggregating and distributing programming from third parties, but the company has recently sought to explore opportunities for differentiation.
  • Although as an incumbent telco the company seeks to leverage its leadership in infrastructure and broadband provision, it recognizes the importance of "high-involvement" services such as TV and video in developing an integrated proposition that appeals to a broad customer base.

Features and Benefits

  • Maps the development of Deutsche Telekom’s pay-TV and video entertainment business against Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework.
  • Examines how Deutsche Telekom performs against the Framework's key pillars.
  • Presents relevant KPIs highlighting the operator's video business successes.

Key questions answered

  • What are the basic strategic foundations on which Deutsche Telekom has built its video entertainment services?
  • What are the specific options Deutsche Telekom has chosen to pursue within each of these core strategic foundations?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Deutsche Telekom: Video Strategy