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With the number of music companies offering opportunities for unsigned artists to distribute their works to major digital retailers and access services increasing sharply in the last few years, the role and relevance of the record company is an often debated topic.


  • Record companies have changed the way they operate in line with the digital music revolution, but their core role in facilitating an artist's or band's career has changed very little, and, for the foreseeable future, their place in the rapidly evolving recorded-music industry is safe.

Features and Benefits

  • Details the position of the record company in the modern-day digital music industry.
  • Examines whether there is more of a case now for artists to go it alone rather than sign to a record company.

Key questions answered

  • Does the rise in the number of digital distribution services spell the end of the record company?
  • What are the advantages for signing to a record company compared with releasing music through one of the many distribution services?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • The digital music transition and a new world of opportunities
  • Independent and major label service offerings
  • The record company place remains secure, for now


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