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The consumer telco market will be worth more than $1.2tn by 2022. By this time, 76% of consumer revenue will come from just three services: broadband, mobile data, and pay TV.


  • If telcos do not find a source of new revenue growth as broadband and mobile data markets start to become saturated, growth in the whole consumer telco market will eventually come to a stop.

Features and Benefits

  • Reveals the biggest opportunities for growth in the consumer telco market.
  • Puts into context the digital consumer TMT industry, and the telco's role within it.

Key questions answered

  • What are the biggest growth markets in the consumer space?
  • What is the future role of the telco in the consumer market?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

The consumer telco market

  • Telco services have never been so critical
  • The great telco business transformation
  • Unfortunately, the era of broadband and mobile data revenue growth is nearly over

New strategies for long-term growth

  • A three-pronged strategy
  • Delivering a best-in-class IP network is the bedrock of the consumer strategy
  • In search of new value


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
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