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The growing need for a programmable network and agile service delivery is driving SDN/NFV adoption. The integration of these software-based technologies requires enhanced management and orchestration across network performance, service activation and delivery, and customer-facing services.

One past lesson learned is that communications service providers (CSPs) cannot treat NFV deployments as siloed software integrations in their existing networks, especially since the complexity of the operating environment increases with virtualization. CSPs will be required to manage, orchestrate and assure services delivered over physical and virtual network functions sourced from multiple vendors. In this case, it’s becoming more and more important to monitor network performance across hybrid network environments.

A recent win for NEC/Netcracker highlights the importance of building solid hybrid domain orchestration into existing SDN/NFV infrastructure platforms. Last month, the company announced that Vodafone will use NEC/Netcracker’s Hybrid Operations Management (HOM) suite to support the CSP’s network transformation efforts, specifically around orchestrating and managing end-to-end network resources and services across all Vodafone domains.

Netcracker’s HOM solution is well positioned to help CSPs gain the service agility required if they want to instantiate new services, quickly and at scale, for new revenue generation in an SDN/NFV environment. The company’s solid expertise in both networking hardware (NEC) and cloud-native software (Netcracker) gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace, especially as CSPs accelerate the shift to cloud-based architectures. To that point, NEC/Netcracker’s heritage as a product company strongly informs its software and services business and portfolio strategy, positioning the company as a strong network transformation partner for CSPs – particularly over the next year, as SDN/NFV deployments pick up pace.

What it comes down to is the ability to scale, and orchestration in a hybrid networking environment enables CSPs to reach the agility the industry is seeing web-scale companies – i.e., Google, Amazon, and Microsoft – achieve over cloud-native compute architectures. Over the next year, CSPs should be more prescriptive in hybrid orchestration requirements from the vendor community. NEC/Netcracker has led the charge, and several of its peers are getting on board, offering cloud-native platforms and technologies that will enable orchestration and assurance in both the physical and virtual domains.

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