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In order to understand how the industry is responding to the opportunities of open banking, Ovum conducted a series of interviews with leading thinkers and market participants from across the value chain.


  • Where the industry has become particularly focused is APIs that go beyond basic regulatory requirements. It is here that banks see the opportunity not just to support the launch of a new wave products and services, but to generate revenue.
  • One of the biggest changes that open banking drives is the emergence of developers and TPPs as a new customer base. The usability, accessibility, and breadth of APIs and developer services will be a new competitive battleground.
  • Analysis of the registrations under PSD2 from the national competent authorities (NCAs) in Europe shows that, of the non-bank TPPs registered by the end of June as either an AISP, PISP, or both, 63% are UK-based.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimize your open banking strategy by understanding how peers and competitors are focusing on the opportunity.
  • Understand the degree to which dispute resolution and customer confidence will be integral to building out a successful ecosystem.
  • Learn where enhancements to security will need to come in the future, if open banking is to be successful.

Key questions answered

  • What are the barriers to the adoption of open banking at scale?
  • Where are the opportunities for banks to generate revenue?
  • Which European markets have the biggest pool of TPPs?

Table of contents


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Open Banking in 2019

  • The industry conversation has evolved from a short-term focus on compliance to long-term commercial opportunities

Delivering on the potential of open banking needs new thinking in three key areas

  • The success of open banking will rest on it being largely invisible to end users
  • The users of open banking-enabled services need to operate within a trusted framework
  • Developers and TPPs need greater standardization and a clear framework to operate in
  • For financial institutions, security and clarity over how to resolve disputes remain the biggest challenges


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