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At this year's DataWorks Summit in Berlin, Hortonworks' message was twofold: the company is adopting more use-case-driven messaging and putting metadata at the core of its strategy.


  • Hortonworks' strategy is to demonstrate how its platform can make "data work" for enterprises, or how it can assist current and prospective customers in their digital transformation.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes Hortonworks' shift toward more use-case-driven messaging.
  • Identifies the importance of a common metadata framework for Hortonworks and other big data platforms.

Key questions answered

  • Who is Hortonworks targeting with its use-case-driven messaging strategy?
  • Why is a common metadata framework important for Hortonworks and other big data platforms?

Table of contents

Ovum view

  • Summary
  • From Hadoop to DataWorks: A more use-case-focused message
  • Metadata at the core of Hortonworks' strategy


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