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At the National Retail Federation's (NRF's) Big Show 2020, vendors showcased technologies to enable innovative customer experiences. From self-check options to product discovery enabled by augmented reality (AR), the NRF's Big Show demonstrated clearly the power of data-driven technology.


  • To prevent a disconnect between what matters to business and IT leaders, enterprises must ensure that their investments in individual IT components align with the business's overall needs.
  • At NRF's Big Show, a lot of attention was focused on headless commerce to circumnavigate complex end-to-end commerce systems and to enable customers to interact and transact conversationally via digital home assistants, for example.

Features and Benefits

  • Summarizes the technologies at NRF's Big Show 2020.
  • Shares examples of technology vendor demos at the NRF Big Show 2020.

Key questions answered

  • How are retailers creating more engaging experiences via AR, VR, and AI?
  • How does the synthesis of data power AR and AI-based experiences?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • The augmented customer experience relies on connected data
  • Enterprises must connect their systems and data
  • Enterprise software vendors race to court the retail industry with capabilities to integrate data
  • With the connected data layer in place, enterprises can start innovating


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