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Digital transformation requires new platforms that support the embedding of new ways to communicate and collaborate within applications. How can service providers increase their revenue opportunity to fulfill this trend?


  • OTT services continue to put pressure on CSP revenue and relevancy. Ovum forecasts that the total annual mobile OTT messaging traffic will more than triple between 2018–23, increasing from 35.89 trillion messages in 2017 to 121.56 trillion messages in 2023.
  • Merely focusing on connectivity and communications is likely to result in the restructuring of the traditional CSP model to exclusively focus on lower-margin networking and undifferentiated UCC products. CSPs must look to diversify to grow their revenue opportunity and relevance.

Features and Benefits

  • This report explores how CPaaS services can effect a communication service provider's revenue opportunity and relevancy for better or for worse.
  • Learn how CSPs can leverage CPaaS to improve their growth rate in the unified communications and collaboration market by diversifying into CPaaS.

Key questions answered

  • How can CSPs increase their relevancy and revenue when faced with diminishing returns in the unified communications and collaboration market?
  • What a should CSPs look for when selecting a CPaaS partner?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market dynamics

  • Customers: The battle to stay relevant

Market outlook

  • The viability CPaaS goes beyond APIs and code libraries
  • New channels, new opportunities
  • The CPaaS opportunity for CSPs lies in their ability to deliver customizable applications that leverage their own assets


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