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Straight Talk Technology

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Traditionally, businesses have taken a touchpoint approach to understanding the customer journey. However, COVID-19 has created urgency around strengthening the end-to-end customer journey and managing customers’ relationships holistically, from the awareness stage with targeted content and relevant offers to nurturing with personalized interactions and service. Putting the customer at the heart of your organization is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an entry-level requirement to having a successful business in 2020.

In our evolving Experience Economy, amid the backdrop of COVID-19, enterprises must more aggressively pursue a customer-first approach to experience delivery, rather than invest in systems that fit the customer journey. This requires every facet of an enterprise focused on their most vital asset—the customer. But they can’t do that if managers are blind to this customer-first approach, if the company is chasing and focusing on short-term results, and if financial results and KPIs aren’t aligned to customer results.

The only way to sustain customer lifetime value is to make customers loyal and profitable and to serve them efficiently. To succeed, organizations must be aligned strategically and functionally around the customer. Looking at employee experience through a CX lens will allow businesses to spot trends, implement new processes, and monitor and evaluate the impact these changes have on overall satisfaction and retention rates.

Organizing employees around the customer will require a team-wide or—better yet—company-wide mindset. Communicate changes and deployments regularly. Share the responsibility of data collection and analysis with all team members at all levels. Teach them the ways they can identify the components of—and track progress in—their ongoing and strategic customer-focused assignments. Giving them ownership creates a fundamental shift in the way they view and engage in their own jobs, in the success of the brand, and in the relationship with the customer.


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