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This forecast analyzes technology spending to support the corporate banking line of business in the financial sector globally. It breaks spending across the front, middle, and back office, as well as other support functions, with forecasts provided up to 2023.


  • Global ICT technology expenditure to support corporate banking will reach $57.3bn by 2023.
  • The front and middle offices will experience strongest spend growth over 2018 to 2023, driven by regulatory compliance pressures and the need to deepen client relationships.

Features and Benefits

  • Gain a global view of technology spending split by region and in detail for key markets.
  • Evaluate spending growth by market and by location.

Key questions answered

  • Which regions will experience strongest ICT budget growth in next five years?
  • Which market will have the largest spend opportunity?

Table of contents

Corporate banking: Location

  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Corporate Banking Technology Spending Through 2023: Location Segmentation