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Communications provider capex will total over $2.3tn from 2018–22. In 2017, CSPs (telcos) accounted for 77% of total industry capex, which is expected to decline to 65% by 2022 as ICPs grow share and industry influence.


  • This report analyzes Ovum’s capex forecast for communications service providers (CSPs), internet content providers (ICPs), and carrier-neutral providers (CNPs). After a long period of financial difficulties, CSPs are expected to see a positive growth. ICPs and CNPs will continue to outpace CSP growth in both revenue and capex.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyzes where capex and revenues are growing, by region, country, and segment.
  • Presents a full forecast for four industry segments: fixed CSPs, mobile CSPs, ICPs, and CNPs.
  • Assesses importance of new markets relative to the CSP (telco) market.

Key questions answered

  • Where are the best opportunities for vendors selling network infrastructure, software, and professional services to communications providers? How do growth prospects differ by market segment?
  • What are the regional differences in revenue and capex growth rates and capital intensities? Are regions converging over time?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Communications Provider Revenues & Capex Forecast: 2017–22