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Broadband was the largest and fastest-growing telecoms segment in the US in 3Q17, while the pay-TV segment showed the slowest YoY growth. Mobile segment growth falls somewhere in between mobile and pay TV.


  • US mobile operators are competing on unlimited data plan offers, and cable operators are entering this segment as MVNOs.
  • The FCC voted to end net neutrality December 2017.
  • More pay-TV providers are integrating OTT video services into their set-top boxes. They are also fending off the OTT threat with their own OTT services and TV Everywhere apps.

Features and Benefits

  • Compares subscription counts of major US service providers and growth quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year for the mobile, broadband, and pay-TV segments.
  • Learn about market developments in the mobile, broadband, and pay-TV segments in the US.
  • Compare leading digital service providers on price and features.

Key questions answered

  • How do major US service providers rank in terms of total connections and total revenues in 3Q17?
  • What were subscriber market shares and year-on-year market share changes for major service providers in the mobile, broadband, and pay-TV segments in the US in 3Q17?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: US Market Update, December 2017