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Providers and vendors are developing new products and service deployment models that promote edge computing or edge services. Many service models are being created that bring compute, storage, and applications closer to wherever the edge may be.


  • "Edge" is a term that has become a buzzword for providers, vendors, and many other prospective market players. "Edge services" is a more accurate term than edge computing, because most solutions include compute, storage, network, and other functions. Edge services and the related architecture are not a new concept.
  • There are many edge service propositions right now, but there are few complete business cases or well-defined cost/revenue models. Edge services will be deployed by many providers: system integrators (SIs), IT service providers, telcos, and cloud providers. The industry needs production deployments, business cases, and ROI models.
  • Cloud providers seem to have the most-developed edge services strategies and offers. Early-stage partnerships are still creating early activity with no fixed timeline or final definition of edge services. Many players talk about getting data and applications closer to the user, but few have a demonstrable business model to support this investment.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains the current state of edge computing and edge services deployment as we enter 2020.
  • Outlines some of the early players, providers, and solutions of edge services deployment by many of the major providers including telcos and cloud providers.

Key questions answered

  • Where are edge computing and edge services today?
  • What are the major players involved, and what future partnerships are developing?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations for telcos
  • Recommendations for cloud providers and others

Market status & dynamics

  • Edge services definitions and designs vary greatly
  • Edge services go beyond edge compute
  • Telcos have already moved to the edge

Edge services will have many drivers

  • 5G is a major catalyst for edge services but is not required
  • Mobile operators may be both consumers and suppliers of edge services
  • Cloud and SaaS providers move to the edge to extend their services
  • Established firms and startups are investing in edge services platforms
  • Edge services have many players, architectures, and options
  • The future of edge services for telcos


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author