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Cherwell, at its recent EMEA customer event 2018, focused on how service management can be a core technology in delivering the value from digital transformation. Ovum believes that by identifying the value of service management in digital enterprises, Cherwell has made its customers more aware of the challenges of digital transformation.

Organizations are less advanced with the transforming capabilities than with the digital part of digital transformation

Ovum ICT Enterprise Insights 2017/18 found that over 60% of respondents put creating digital capability as the number-one IT objective in 2018, mainly for building digital products or services. This compares to less than 20% that said digitizing back-office activities is planned for 2018. The disconnect between the desire to deploy digital technologies and the capability to manage these services will become evident once organizations have a significant number of them. Ovum cautions that deploying digital technology in the form of new services or products alone will not deliver the value and benefit expected. Organizations must transform their service-management processes and procedures to match the demands of the new digital technologies, otherwise frustrations with IT will inevitably surface.

The move by Cherwell to identify the challenges that existing service-management tools and processes have when it comes to digital service delivery is important. Service-management vendors have focused on improving the service-management experience, but at the recent conference, Cherwell made it clear that organizations must adapt or die if they want to achieve their business objectives from digital transformation. Service management has been considered more of a backroom activity and tends not to be associated with transformational technologies. However, the importance of governance, security, and ensuring service excellence should not be forgotten in the digital era. In fact, they are more relevant, but just require different approaches. Ovum applauds Cherwell for its position and hopes this acts as a call to arms for service management to adapt processes and procedures to the new digital era.


Further reading

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Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions

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