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Canada is one of the world's bigger music markets. Although ever present in the top 10, the country lost a couple of places last year, slipping from seventh to ninth.


  • Canada was overtaken by China and Australia, with those two countries registering higher year-on-year growth rates in trade sales. Recorded-music consumption levels were up last year, but the increase in trade revenue was more modest.
  • Although streaming income continued to rise, a big slump in sales of CD albums dented the overall market performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers all of the main music industry sectors in Canada and includes all of the latest industry data and forecasts.
  • Details recorded music, music retail, copyright administration, and royalty collections as well as live.

Key questions answered

  • What share of Canadian recorded-music trade sales came from streaming last year?
  • How much did Canadian consumers spend on tickets to live music events in 2018?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • Increase in recorded-music consumption
  • Flat year for trade sales

Music retail

  • Evolution of recorded-music access continues apace

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • Review of the Copyright Act
  • Royalty collections


  • Rise in ticket sales to live-music events
  • Music support


  • Methodology
  • Author