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This report is based on Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework, which maps the various routes to market taken by companies involved in the provision of pay TV and other video entertainment services.


  • BT's strategy focuses on connectivity and customer experience rather than on providing exclusive content. Therefore, its TV service and customer base have grown organically rather than through partnership or acquisition.
  • Although continuing to invest in BT Sport, the company increasingly sees itself as a "super aggregator" rather than a content provider and is more interested in forging partnerships with multiple third-party providers than building up a substantial portfolio of proprietary content.
  • For the medium term at least, BT seeks to maintain and develop existing customer relationships through increased RGU sales. As a connectivity provider first and foremost, BT's priority is enhancing the customer experience rather than controlling content assets.

Features and Benefits

  • Maps BT's pay-TV and video entertainment business against Ovum's Operator Video Strategy Framework.
  • Presents relevant KPIs highlighting the operator's video business successes.

Key questions answered

  • What are the core strategic foundations on which BT has built its video entertainment services?
  • What options BT has chosen to pursue within each of these core strategic foundations?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: BT Video Strategy