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Ovum's Broadband Pricing Interactive Tracker (BPIT) tracks fixed and mobile broadband plans and pricing offered by major operators in 20 tier-1 countries.


  • In 2019, mobile data pricing continued to decline due to aggressive market competition, but the gap has narrowed between prepaid and postpaid, with the average price per megabyte for monthly postpaid plans of $0.010, ending only slightly ahead of the same for prepaid ($0.011).

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates cross-country comparisons around the state of competition in a market for MB pricing and average mobile/fixed plan prices per country.
  • Covers metrics such as bundle type and average download/upload speed by country across fixed broadband datasets to assess new services.
  • Captures year-on-year changes in data overage policies and telco VAS and OTT inclusions across mobile broadband datasets for new mobile offerings.

Key questions answered

  • How have mobile/fixed broadband plan price points changed in the past year?
  • Has the decline in per MB pricing for mobile plans slowed with the arrival of 5G?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Broadband Pricing Interactive Tracker: 2019