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This is a forecast of fixed broadband-centric bundled subscriptions in 67 tier 1 countries. Globally, bundled subscriptions will increase with a CAGR of 5% to reach 879 million in 2023. Continued bundling will be driven by operators' desire to maintain their relevance in the marketplace.


  • On a global basis, dual-play bundles were the largest bundle combination in 2017, accounting for 334 million bundle subscriptions, and will remain so with 343 million in 2023 due to growth in subscribers of new bundles more than offsetting declines in subscribers of the legacy dual-play bundle.
  • Ovum expects triple-play (dual play plus TV) bundled subscribers to grow faster than dual play with a CAGR of 7.7%. However, in many countries, the legacy triple play is in decline much like the legacy dual play.
  • The fastest-growing combination will be the new quad-play that Ovum has forecasted, rising from a very small base to 9.5 million subscriptions by 2023 (CAGR 110%).

Features and Benefits

  • Covers not just traditional, legacy dual-play, triple-play, and quad-play bundles, but also next-gen bundles that include OTT TV and mobile services.
  • Includes splits for all bundles with pay-TV, OTT TV, and mobile services for each country.

Key questions answered

  • What new bundles are operators offering to maintain their relevance?
  • Which legacy bundles are still growing and in which countries?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: Broadband Bundle Subscription Forecast: 2018–23