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This update provides a detailed analysis of all of Brazil's main music industry sectors.


  • Following two consecutive years of contraction, trade earnings from recorded music in Brazil grew sharply. Higher trade sales of digital formats and a rise in performance rights easily offset a more than halving of revenue from sales of physical formats.

Features and Benefits

  • The report details all aspects of the Brazilian music industry.
  • Included in the report are figures on recorded-music sales, the live sector, and royalty collections as well an assessment of the digital retail business and copyright protection.

Key questions answered

  • What share of recorded-music sales last year were digital based?
  • How has Live Nation made an increased play in the Brazilian live music sector?

Table of contents

Recorded music

  • Shift from ownership to access slows recorded-music sales

Music retail

  • Selling music all about access

Copyright protection and rights administration

  • Piracy still rampant despite recorded-music growth
  • Royalty collections


  • Radio still a popular medium
  • Digital TV transition continues


  • LNE expands Brazilian presence
  • Wider festival popularity


  • Methodology
  • Author