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Blockchain: How Distributed Ledger Technology will Support the IoT

Blockchain technology (also called distributed ledger) is commonly associated with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. Many players are now starting to explore opportunities to apply blockchain in IoT scenarios.

Our Senior Analyst, TZ Wong provides strategic analysis of the challenges and threats facing IoT service providers and vendors. 

Read his latest article on how Blockchain will support the IoT.


Meet our Analyst


Eden Zoller

Principal Analyst, Smart Living UK 26 + years experience
Specialities include OTT, Process Automation and AI, Data Monetisation, ServiceProvider, Mobile Payments, Smart Home
Products covered Media & Entertainment

Mariana Zamoszczyk

Senior Analyst, Consumer Services UK 19 + years experience
Specialities include Artificial Intelligence, Smart Home
Products covered Internet of Things, Media & Entertainment

Charles Juniper

Principal Analyst UK 12 + years experience
Specialities include IT
Products covered Enterprise IT

Michael Philpott

Senior Practice Leader, Consumer Services UK 24 + years experience
Specialities include Connected Home, Broadband Access, Smart Home
Products covered Media & Entertainment

Alexandra Rehak

Practice Head, Internet of Things UK 24 + years experience
Specialities include IoT, IoT Partnerships and Investment, Disruptive Digital Business Models, Service Provider Strategies
Products covered Internet of Things