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IT security vendors are building massive customer-driven, cybersecurity telemetry datasets, asserting that they will not only detect in-progress attacks with greater speed and accuracy, but also prevent future attacks before they strike.


  • Several high-profile vendors who previewed their product roadmaps at the Black Hat 2019 conference in Las Vegas are pursuing new ways of gathering and utilizing security telemetry data.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn why enterprise cybersecurity vendors are working to build their own cloud-based security telemetry platforms.
  • Understand how enterprises should prepare for the emergence of data-driven security telemetry platforms.

Key questions answered

  • How will cloud-based security telemetry platforms help enterprises see attacks faster and more accurately and prevent others before they strike?
  • What questions should enterprises should ask about cloud-based security telemetry platforms and what should they do to avoid vendor lock-in?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Better data means a clearer view of the future
  • Examining emerging security telemetry platforms
  • Preparing for data-driven security telemetry platforms


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