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B2B enterprises risk being caught in the headlights of competing approaches to digital customer engagement

Like their consumer facing counterparts, B2B companies are feeling the rising heat of customer expectations. B2B companies are after all full of consumers, who carry the same expectations in their corporate as they do their consumer lives.

Why should the experience be any harder in B2B relationships than it is with consumer brands such as Amazon or Uber?

While B2C companies are grappling with omnichannel, B2B enterprises are caught in the oncoming headlights of a different digital panaceas; ranging from account based marketing (ABM), to customer success management (CSM) and of course, the big beast of the digital transformation world: omnichannel.

What to do?

Ovum’s report: A Fusion of ABM, CSM and Omnichannel – A Synergistic Combination for Growth evaluates these three approaches and recommends a combination of all three, executed in digestible phases.

The report also highlights the glacial pace of digital transformation, based on Ovum research into the progress of nearly 5,000 large enterprises worldwide.

It concludes that the route to routine Uber-like customer experiences should be progressive, but not piecemeal. To make this happen the CEO needs to take responsibility and not leave it to sales or marketing departments to fathom out how to protect and grow revenue.


B2B enterprise risks

Source: A Fusion of ABM, CSM and Omnichannel – A Synergistic Combination for Growth

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst Customer Engagement Practice at Ovum, says ‘Customers are too important to be left to sales or marketing departments to figure out. It’s a truism that for any business to succeed it must be persistently relevant – and that is an enterprise-wide challenge. The first job of the CEO is to create the conditions for this to happen. Too often we see piecemeal approaches developed in silos, which are the bane of customer experience’.

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