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Verizon and Equinix have launched a rich SDN interconnection service, showcasing why it may be easier for network operators to team with data center and cloud partners for SDN interconnect than with each other.


  • Enterprises that use cloud to buy services on-demand will be keen to add flexible network connectivity to their data center and cloud services, so they can adapt and scale resources together.
  • Rich services provisioning between network providers and cloud/data center is not new, as characterized by CenturyLink's automated services provisioning between its network and AWS cloud services.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand how data center operators built then-interconnected SDN-powered exchanges internally, and are opening up resources through APIs.
  • Learn why rich services interconnection agreements are easier between network and data center/cloud, and more challenging between network providers.

Key questions answered

  • Why are SDN-powered network interconnection agreements between carriers still rare?
  • What makes automated, interconnected services between carriers and data center/cloud providers so interesting to enterprises?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Network services automation homes in on data center and cloud resources
  • Looking forward: Data center SDN evolves


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