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Australia's obsession with streaming video is set to explode, with a report to be released today (Tuesday) predicting the number of Aussies switching on to online video on demand services will more than double in five years.


The Ovum OTT Video Forecast, commissioned by broadband network NBN, predicts the number of people using subscription video on-demand services such as Foxtel Play, Netflix and Stan will grow by 170 per cent in the next five years, jumping from 2.6 million subscribers to 7 million.


Ovum online video expert Ed Barton said the way Australians viewed television content had change dramatically in recent years, with the local launch of Netflix two years ago being a catalyst for Australians to switch on to subscription video services.


Mr Barton said one of the “huge drivers” in subscription video services becoming mainstream was the spread of smart TVs and streaming boxes that meant watching streaming content on the family TV was just as seamless as watching broadcast content.

Mr Barton said people had generally added to their video viewing each week in embracing streaming content, rather than turning away from traditional TV broadcasts, but with the one major exception of YouTube-loving teenagers.


“We are raising audiences with markedly distinct viewing habits to our own,” he said.


“The obvious concern is ‘what happens when this audience grow up?’.

“We don’t know. What we do know for certain is that there is a generation of audience growing up now who acquire, who find, and who watch television and video entertainment in fundamentally different ways to ourselves.”

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