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AT&T SHAPE 2018 was held June 2–3 at Warner Bros Studio in Los Angeles. The show was headlined by technologists, ­actors, filmmakers, and entertainers – all speaking to the impact of new technologies on film. AT&T highlighted some interesting 5G applications in the entertainment industry such as immersive media and major league mobile gaming.

VR/AR, artificial intelligence, and analytics have interesting parts to play in entertainment’s future

Virtual reality (VR) has a part to play from both the film production and media consumption angles. Films like Ready Player One used VR heavily in the production of the film to provide actors with realistic experiences for digital scenes. Entertainment providers such as escape rooms and amusement parks have begun to use VR to provide hard-to-recreate or enhance fantastical experiences for consumers. As haptic (sensory) gear continues to evolve, these experiences will become more immersive. Analytics solutions, entrepreneurial advertising, and artificial intelligence (AI) have found a niche target segment in indie filmmakers with software that helps them analyze their films and connect with audiences to a higher and more reliable degree.

AT&T highlighted multiple 5G use cases in VR (Jaunt VR) and mixed reality (Microsoft Hololens) demos at the event. Additionally, Magic Leap discussed its vision for content creators driving the ecosystem and use cases of its upcoming headset (of which the developer edition was recently released).

Applications of VR, mobile gaming, and video streaming will be facilitated by 5G; however, augmented reality (AR) will be the most impacted area in the mobile entertainment sphere. Lower latency allows for the expansion of person-to-information consumer use cases in AR, from digitally informative overlays (a la Google Glass) to social networking possibilities.


Further reading

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Rishi Kaul, Research Analyst, Consumer Technology

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