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In this short report, we outline the status of US operators deploying Gfast-enabled broadband services.


  • The US is an important testbed for Gfast, with four major telecoms operators now offering or running pilot broadband services enabled by Gfast.
  • US telcos are deploying Gfast in MDUs where they need to offer speed tiers of >100Mbps quickly to combat cable competition.
  • With Gfast, they are primarily offering up to 500Mbps downstream, although Windstream does offer up to 1Gbps.

Features and Benefits

  • Outlines the status of Gfast in the US.
  • Explains why operators in the US are deploying Gfast for broadband services.

Key questions answered

  • Who is deploying Gfast in the US and why?
  • Are cable companies also deploying Gfast or is it just telcos?
  • What are the speed tiers that operators are offering with Gfast?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: AT&T Leads Gfast-Enabled Broadband Services in the US