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Over November 4–7, AT&T held its 2019 Business Summit in Dallas, Texas. The summit brought together many of AT&T's key enterprise partners, industry analysts, and AT&T leaders.


  • AT&T now counts more than 65.2 million IoT connections, up from 51.3 million in Dec 2018, an increase of 13.9 million connections. Of these total IoT connections, 30 million are connected cars, while another 5 million are fleet vehicles.
  • If the connected-car market is seen as a zero-sum game, AT&T could be seen as a global winner and is certainly the hands-down winner within its domestic market. Connecting more than 25 brands, AT&T is dominating one of the most lucrative verticals within IoT, where connections are often LTE.

Features and Benefits

  • Analyze AT&T's position in IoT with regard to connected-car and fleet solutions.
  • Learn where AT&T is having pain points with connected car and fleet.

Key questions answered

  • How is AT&T positioned quantitively in the connected-car and fleet verticals?
  • How is AT&T positioned qualitatively in the connected-car and fleet verticals?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • Connected car and fleet are driving AT&T's IoT success
  • Higher ARPC has been more of a challenge
  • Threats from eSIM should be addressed head on


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