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After months of teasing and hints, Nintendo has officially introduced its new games console. Now called the Switch, the device is a hybrid console for use at home and while on the go. It has wireless controllers and a built-in screen for mobile gaming.

Nintendo is betting big on the Switch after the failure of the Wii U, its current flagship console. The device, known as the NX throughout its development, resembles a tablet computer with game controllers attached to its sides. The controllers are detachable and can be used independently of the main device.

Some analysts are optimistic that the Switch will succeed. Its ability to transform into a mobile device is likely to appeal to gamers who like to play while on the move. “Two of the most successful consoles ever are Nintendo’s portable devices — both the Gameboy and DS sold more than 100 million each,” said Paul Jackson of the Ovum consultancy in an interview with the BBC.

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