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EMM vendors are evolving their capabilities to support organizations in managing and securing not only mobile devices and operating systems, but also the broader set of devices and OSs being utilized in modern organizations. The fall Apple release recently announced by EMM vendor MobileIron is significant, as it offers new capabilities to help organizations better manage and secure Apple Macs and the apps utilized on them.

One platform to manage the broad set of devices being utilized in the workplace

Where enterprises once had to manage and secure only a controlled and limited set of devices and operating systems, the reality for modern organizations is very different. A much broader set of devices, apps, and operating systems is now being utilized within the workplace, and how to centrally manage and secure them represents a key challenge. The capabilities offered by enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions continue to evolve to help organizations overcome these challenges. By empowering organizations with capabilities that support the management of a broad set of devices and operating systems (both mobile and the more traditional, such as Windows), EMM tools are becoming an invaluable enterprise investment, especially for organizations looking to facilitate more modern and seamless ways of working. Improving security and productivity are key objectives of this more unified endpoint management approach.

MobileIron has much broader appeal, particularly among organizations looking to improve security and heighten employee productivity

MobileIron is an EMM solution that has, for some time, offered a wealth of capabilities to support organizations in managing Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. The new macOS management capabilities mean that organizations can more optimally manage and secure Apple Macs via the MobileIron solution, too. For enterprises, MobileIron is now even better placed to help them centrally manage a wealth of devices and operating systems. For MobileIron, these new capabilities further strengthen the vendor's appeal to organizations, especially those looking for a solution that supports a more unified approach to device, app, and operating system management, and the policies that extend across them. For service providers partnering with MobileIron, the opportunity is to develop services that can help organizations adopt a more unified endpoint management approach, and specifically help businesses migrate and modernize management and security policies.


Further reading

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Adam Holtby, Senior Research Analyst, Workspace Services

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