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This report evaluates and sizes the Android TV opportunity for Google and its partners. It contains Ovum's forecasts for Android TV set-top boxes and sets out the future of Google's middleware platform for TV, including where the best opportunities associated with Android TV lie for all players in the TV ecosystem.


  • Excluding markets where there are regulatory impediments, Android TV will grow to capture almost a quarter of global set-top-box (STB) shipments in 2022.
  • Android TV has enhanced the reputation of its adopters. In offering something distinctly different yet reliable, Android TV operators have shifted the competitive dynamic in multiple markets.
  • With Android TV Operator Tier, Google has demonstrated its commitment to Android TV and has further alleviated operator concerns.

Features and Benefits

  • Assesses the best opportunities associated with Android TV for each set of players in the TV ecosystem.
  • Compares Android TV to its potential competitors in the market.
  • Provides a SWOT analysis for Google's TV strategy.
  • Provides a global and regional forecast for Android TV installed base and shipments.
  • Identifies the various Android TV form factors.

Key questions answered

  • What has Google changed over the last few years in relation to its TV strategy?
  • How will Android TV fare in various regional markets?
  • What are the advantages, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats for Android TV?
  • What are the different routes to market for operators with Android TV?
  • What are the drivers for the adoption of Android TV?