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Amdocs has repositioned itself as a facilitator that enables its customers to thrive in the digital economy. At its Leap Ahead event in Singapore in June 2018, Amdocs showcased its capabilities with an emphasis on its growing DevOps capability and strength in the media vertical.

Amdocs positions for a digital and media future

Senior Amdocs executives outlined Amdocs' approach to telco enablement, based on its AmdocsONE DevOps platform. Key Amdocs practices include automation, innovation, portability (e.g., between AWS and Google), and a focus on end-to-end, hybrid solutions. Ovum has written about the importance of hybrid cloud for enterprise generally; Amdocs aims to deliver hybrid IT solutions for telcos specifically, with a multicloud strategy that is agnostic to its cloud suppliers: AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM (in order by significance).

Amdocs also outlined an application development approach well suited to a hybrid cloud world. It starts small, focusing on a specific business problem, gets quick wins, and builds out from there. Amdocs' approach is to analyze development/operations into smaller processes and then use automation and technologies such as AI to implement functional modules that are assembled into larger projects.

This approach aims to overcome the limitations of traditional waterfall IT development – time, complexity, and expense. Amdocs' modular "microservices" approach to development is well suited to its new development approach. Amdocs has also adopted a rigorous "design thinking" approach to the design stage, which starts by focusing on customer needs.

Finally, Amdocs made a point of showcasing its digital media capabilities. Content is increasingly a telco strategy differentiator, and telcos need IT providers that can support this requirement. Amdocs has been acquiring companies with IP for the media and digital services industries. Amdocs has three key areas of focus:

  • Distribution excellence: rapid access to compelling content at a global scale and in multiple formats.

  • Insights and analytics: for better cross- and up-sell, more personalization, more curation and recommendations, and more insights back to distributors and creators.

  • Monetization options: free, subscription, advertising-supported, and transactional options; sell-through, ownership and IP; premium content (multidevice and multiservice).

Amdocs' development philosophy should be attractive to any telco that wishes to improve differentiation, customer focus, agility, and efficiency in a bite-sized approach that makes it easier both to deploy and to identify ROI.


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David Kennedy, Practice Leader, Asia-Pacific

[email protected]