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Alteryx has expanded its product line to broaden its platform, designed for enabling self-service analytics and model deployment. Increasing use of the Connect product will be critical to advancing the company’s vision of offering a unified platform.


  • Alteryx Connect was born from a corporate acquisition and brings data cataloging and lineage capabilities in a collaborative ecosystem to the Alteryx platform.
  • Alteryx is shaking the notion that it is simply a self-service data prep environment for visualization tools; the current product line encompasses capabilities for governance, collaboration, and predictive model deployment and management.
  • Alteryx Connect, as a collaborative ecosystem, will be the necessary "glue" that binds the products of the Alteryx line, helping the company advance its platform vision.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies the key product strategy trends that Alteryx is advancing as it expands its functionality beyond self-service data prep.
  • Identifies the business needs that Alteryx is serving in its strategy to expand the Alteryx platform and capabilities.
  • Evaluates the key capabilities of the Alteryx Connect product, and identifies recent enhancements and announcements made at the annual Alteryx Inspire conference.
  • Assesses the role of the Connect product in binding the Alteryx product line into a cohesive platform.
  • Identifies Alteryx Connect's collaborative capabilities, and describes how their functionality helps provide a holistic ecosystem for analytics enablement.

Key questions answered

  • How did Alteryx develop the capabilities currently provided by Alteryx Connect?
  • What role does Alteryx Connect play in Alteryx's strategy for advancing a holistic analytics platform?
  • What new features and enhancements have been made to the Alteryx Connect product in mid-2018?
  • How does Alteryx Connect help business users share "tribal knowledge" around data and analytic assets?
  • Why will Alteryx Connect be disproportionately important to the success of Alteryx's business strategy?

Table of contents

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  • Summary
  • From self-service data prep to analytics-enablement platform
  • Fleshing out new features and functionality for Connect
  • Connect provides the social "glue" for the Alteryx platform


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