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China's telcos have been deploying AI in their own digital transformations and exploring business opportunities in their increasingly competitive market. This report summarizes their AI developments, and outlines their focus areas and prospects.


  • China Mobile has been planning its AI platform, Nine Sky, since 2013. In recent years, all of China's operators have been promoting AI development by building partnerships, forming global alliances, and launching new products/solutions.
  • Operating in the nation with the world’s largest population, China's telcos will have a scale advantage. The enormous amount of data generated by their customers will enable them to deploy AI at scale.
  • Adoption of AI technology has mainly been in customer service areas. All three operators in China have upgraded customer service via AI technology.

Features and Benefits

  • Learn about AI developments and deployments at China's telcos.
  • Learn about the AI innovation approaches of China's telcos.
  • Evaluate future AI possibilities at Chinese telcos.

Key questions answered

  • Which strategies have China's telcos followed in AI development?
  • What are the key AI focus areas for Chinese telcos?
  • Who are their AI partners?
  • What are Chinese telcos' strengths in developing AI?
  • Which challenges should be addressed?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market status

  • China telcos have been keen on AI
  • Customer service has seen significant AI adoption
  • Further areas are also in progress

Market outlook

  • More AI achievements can be expected from China telcos
  • "5G + AI" will be a perfect match for China telcos, but challenges must be addressed


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