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Wi-Fi has become the de facto technology for in-home broadband connectivity but the demands on the technology are continually increasing. This report outlines some of the latest developments that vendors and service providers can expect to see being deployed over 2019–20.


  • The Wi-Fi journey is far from over, and even with all the recent improvements, vendors and developers continue to push the technology to new levels. This report highlights two more developments – rate steering and dynamic application priority – that are set to improve consumers' quality of experience (QoE) even further.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluate some of the most existing developments in the home Wi-Fi space.
  • Learn about the latest developments in home Wi-Fi and why such technology is important for all types of communications service provider.

Key questions answered

  • How will Wi-Fi evolve to handle the next generation of digital media applications?
  • How will 5G deployments impact the home Wi-Fi network?

Table of contents


  • In brief
  • Ovum view
  • Recommendations

Market status

  • Wi-Fi will remain the dominant home networking technology
  • New advancements in home Wi-Fi technology
  • Latest developments in home Wi-Fi that will drive greater QoE


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