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In recent weeks, Adtran has made a series of announcements publicizing its involvement with several electric cooperatives throughout the US with the task of developing high-speed wireline networks to support digital transformation in rural communities.

Adtran's toolbox includes rural broadband solutions

Rural electric cooperatives have been serving various parts of the underpopulated US for decades. Several of these co-ops have taken on the responsibility of developing and supporting high-speed wireline networks in their respective communities, where traditional operators have been averse to building. These co-ops know the needs of their respective communities and can offer better customer service because they are member-owned – in other words, they will be stopped at the local grocery store if a member has a connection problem.

Several of these co-ops have turned to Adtran to assist with the task. Headquartered in Alabama, Adtran has a backyard view into the unique situation of the rural US. They have tailored products and solutions specifically to be fit for rural areas. Some of these products include crossover cabinets, which allow for "copper today, fiber tomorrow” installs, as well as hardened outside plant DSLAMS for extremely rural locations to support copper. Adtran has partnered with Siklu and others for fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions and offers a variety of GPON, EPON, Active Ethernet, XGS-PON, and 10G-EPON products for FTTx deployments in rural areas.

Alongside supporting their residents, these targeted next-gen network deployments will assist with the digital transformation of rural businesses, schools, and healthcare institutions. Furthermore, recently announced federal investment in smart grid infrastructure will also require these rural areas to have advanced broadband networks to support these developments, putting Adtran in a good spot as a partner in these network builds.


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Jaimie Lenderman, Senior Analyst, Service Provider Technology

[email protected]