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A Vision for NBN Evolution


The ambition of the National Broadband Network (NBN) project is globally unique in scale and intent, with ubiquitous access to all homes and businesses at superfast broadband speeds1, regardless of their location across the continent. Having navigated changes to its deployment approach, the NBN project has now delivered superfast broadband access to over a half of the country, and is set to cover three quarters of the market by mid-2018. The challenges of deploying national, universal coverage have largely been addressed and the network is on track to fulfil its mass deployment objective in 2020.


Despite Australia’s geographic size, Ovum Broadband Development Index projects Australia’s fixed line rank will climb from a low of 40th in 2016, to 15th in 2021. This places Australia’s fixed broadband infrastructure in the top 10% of the 188 countries evaluated. The high ranking reflects the balancing of government objects for ubiquitous coverage with a platform that meets current and immediate needs, with flexibility to respond to growth in demand, instead of offering higher speeds in localized market segments.



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A Vision for NBN Evolution



  • Summary
  • NBN objectives and benchmarks
  • Looking to 2025
  • Challenges for the NBN
  • Recommendations – Setting a 2025 vision and upgrade plan
  • Conclusion - Setting the vision
A vision for NBN Evolution

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