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In 2018, the entire 5G ecosystem accelerated to the point where some communications service providers (CSPs) and their vendor partners risked being caught unprepared for the 5G kick-off.




5G will bring a new dimension to an old telecommunications issues: how much capex can operators afford to devote to new networks? Will 5G performance impress consumer and enterprise buyers enough to pay for enhancements to what they already have, or will it unlock new network models and nurture new revenue streams?




Although most CSPs are still unsure whether 5G will unlock a large-enough new revenue stream, one thing is sure: 5G offers a rare chance for CSPs, equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to change the status quo. Companies able to understand the value 5G will bring will be the winners in the 5G game.



Features and benefits

1) Explains how to deploy 5G, the size of the opportunity, and how to monetize investments.

2) Sizes the CSP, media and entertainment, enterprise, and IoT opportunity in 5G.



Key questions answered

1) Who will be the winners in the 5G game?

2) How will CSPs create new revenue streams from enterprise-specific and IoT-specific 5G business cases?



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