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Out of the 15 operators that launched 5G in 4Q19, three offered speed tiers, bringing the total number of 5G operators with a speed-tier pricing strategy to almost a fifth.


  • Some 24% of the more than 200 5G plans we have tracked since 2Q19 include unlimited data plans for consumers.

Features and Benefits

  • This tracker edition evaluates key facets of China's new 5G plans, including specifics on 5G rich and new OTT service bundling by China Mobile.
  • The tracker also updates key 5G plans from Verizon, EE, and LGU+ which have evolved since they were first launched.

Key questions answered

  • How did China's three MNOs price 5G for consumers?
  • What speeds are operators with speed-tiered plans for 5G offering?

Table of contents


  • Introduction
  • Download 1: 5G Consumer Broadband Pricing: 4Q19